Thursday, December 27, 2012

Get your mind right

Today Miguel and I learned that there are 2 components you need to become wealthy. The first is an opportunity, there are many countries in the world that are rich with opportunities the united states in which we live being one of them and because there are great opportunities here we are very prosperous. The second component to become wealthy is having wealth thinking. Now the wealth thinking is the tricky part since we already have the first one handed to us since were born in this great nation. How do we aquire wealth thinking when were being taught the opposite. As for myself I learned from some people that teach we don't have to be victims of societies " wealthy is driving a nice car living in a bank owned home, thinking". The people were learning from teach about entreprenuership character financial principals , good solid principals that made this country great and teach us not to just sit idly by waiting for a bail out of our debt or even deeper family problems we want to sweep under a rug for someone els to deal with. They teach us we are the project and were in charge of our thinking and you are what you eat So we better be eating good. Check out check out L.I.F.E -JEN

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